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Old English þēaw


  1. Muscle or sinew.
  2. A good quality or habit; virtue.
  3. An attractive physical attribute, especially muscle; mental or moral vigour.


  • 1602 : Hamlet by William Shakespeare, act 1 scene 3 lines 11-12-13-14
    For nature crescent does not grow alone
    In thews and bulks, but as this temple waxes,
    The inward service of the mind and soul
    Grows wide withal.
  • 1960, Thomas Pynchon, Low-Lands
    Fortune’s elf child and disinherited darling, young and randy and more a Jolly Jack Tar than anyone human could conceivably be; thews and chin taut against a sixty-knot gale with a well-broken-in briar clenched in the bright defiant teeth

Derived terms


  1. Instruct in morals or values; chastise.

Derived terms

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